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Our leadership team

Our executive manages the daily operations of the organisation to the highest standards. We all work together to realise the mission of our founders to serve all in need of care.

Our leadership team, led by CEO Kathryn McKeefry, helps ensure that we continue to meet the exceptional clinical standards for which we are known.  

It is our privilege to make a difference to those people entrusted to our care – our patients, their families and friends.

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba is a St Vincent’s Health Australia facility, under the stewardship of Mary Aikenhead Ministries.

We are governed by the SVHA Board. They help set our strategic direction and ensure that we comply with legal and legislative requirements. Go to group and corporate governance

Our leadership team members

Ms Kathryn McKeefry 

Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 07 4690 4124

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    Kathryn McKeefry


    Ms Darlene Dreise 

    Mission Executive 
    Tel: 07 4690 4124

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    Darlene Dreise


    Ms Kolleen Koenen-Weir

    Human Resources Manager
    Tel: 07 4690 4135

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    Kolleen Koenen-Weir


    Mr Malcolm Casey

    Director of Clinical Services
    Tel: 07 4690 4124

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    Mal Casey


    Dr Stuart Paige 

    Chief Medical Officer
    Tel: 07 4690 4124

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    Dr Stuart Paige


    Ms Adrienne Leonard

    Corporate Services Manager
    Tel: 07 4690 4124

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    Adrienne Leonard


    Ms Robbie Falconer

    Business Development Manager 
    Tel: 07 4690 4124

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    Robbie Falconer


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